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We believe in providing sustainable heating and cooling solutions, which is why our air conditioning systems are designed for superior energy efficiency. Our reverse cycle air conditioners will keep your home or business at a comfortable temperature all year round, and as they offer both heating and cooling features, are an economical solution for temperature control.

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Wall Mounted AC Installations

Today’s air conditioning systems come in so many options that it’s possible to select a system to enhance and cool your home at the same time. Gone are the days of noisy, unattractive units that can be a real eyesore. Modern wall mounted split systems, with flat panels and smooth lines, blend in unobtrusively with most room decor and usually run silently and efficiently. These units are designed to provide air-conditioned comfort to specific areas, heating and cooling a space to suit individual needs. While an indoor unit can be installed in a discreet corner, the outdoor unit, connected by pipe work, is installed on the exterior of the house. There are many styles and models to choose fro, and depending on the size of the room, choosing the right model will to help to create the correct temperature for the home.

An energy efficient, smaller unit with less horse power is great for just one room or smaller spaces, but a wall mounted multi-head split system air conditioning system is definitely the answer for a larger home that requires ongoing heating and cooling through the seasons. These systems have one outdoor unit, and then up to four indoor units that can be connected to separate rooms. This is a suitable option when ducted air conditioning is not possible, and a simple way to control the temperature for ultimate comfort in your own home.

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